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Frentz found a house for HFAP to rent after the earthquake destroyed their guest house.

This was the team we worked with (in front of the temporary Hope House.)

A guard sat by this gate each night.

This truck took us to all the places we needed to go. Many times it was overflowing with supplies and people! We prayed it wouldn't "roll its tires" as Mallery said it has done before when there is a lot of weight. Hope2You gave money to help get another truck out of customs. Thanks to all who gave to the Hope2Haiti fund!

Mallery is the founder of Haiti Foundation Against Poverty and this is Frentz with her. This picture is about 1 month away from their wedding in Michigan!

This is the guys' tent and gals' tent where we slept on air mattresses each night.

tents for some of the staff

supply of drinking water

view from house


neighbor doing her schoolwork

They have banana and mango trees in the backyard! What a blessing.

The generator was run just a certain amount each day.


This beautiful lady fixed us wonderful meals each evening.

the green table...

the blue table... 🙂

Kathy and Kim

Pierreline & KeKe

The nanny slept with the babies right inside the door at night so they could get them out fast if there is another earthquake.

Caleb and Jivenson

the cook's baby (scar is from earthquake)

cook's son

nanny with Jiv

Mike gets a hug from Kelencia


evening fun on the patio

Caleb playing soccer with Alex

This sweet lady does laundry at the Hope House. She crawled in our tents and made our beds very neatly everyday. She also changed our sheets when rain got in the tents. Please pray for her health. The following pictures are of her daughter and 2 sons.

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." James 1:27

This is Jean, the one who drove us around in the white truck!

Some of us got attackked by bees while riding in the back of the truck. The ones that got stung the most were the kids running after the truck. We pulled a dozen stingers out of this little boy's head!

We visited an orphanage with several physically & mentally challenged children. We couldn't imagine the effort to care for these children in the midst of an earthquake! One young boy in a wheelchair laughed and laughed when Mike let him play the keyboard! Here, Kim is making balloon animals to entertain the kids.

What fun!

This little girl wanted caleb to pick her up.

As you look at these pictures, you will see beauty mixed in with the devestation from the earthquakes and poverty.

"Haiti Whitehouse" with earthquake damage



A reminder of God's promises

water tanks

lots of dust!

Students are in class under these tarps with iron fencing/ gates propped up with poles to keep students in and others out.

tent city out in mountains

These bottles are hung in celebration of the soccer game!

Can you find the lizard?

This is the new site for Hope House. Caleb and Isaac helped to build the foundation for a wall that will surround the property.


The guys took a 45 minute truck ride out to the property each day.


Caleb and Isaac worked alongside 13 Haitians and 3 American men.








Steve & Isaac


making progress!

Steve, Jack, & "the Boss"-- all men with great hearts!

Caleb with his Haitian boss 🙂

The guys played soccer with some of the kids that showed up at the site.

Paul, Steve, Jack

After a hard days work in the heat, the guys waited in the shade for the little white truck to come and take them back to Hope House.

Gail (US nurse) checking all 140 school kids; and Haitian nurse who will do all the follow-up.

Diane recorded height & weight of each student before sending them to the nurses.

one of the "clown" students making a funny face (Mallery, founder of HFAP, in the background)

Kathy giving out medicine; most of the kids had open sores or worms or skin rashes or bronchitis or a combination of 2 or more.

Student waiting for his check-up with the nurse. Only 5 out the 140 students didn't need any medicine. This is about the opposite of last year. This shows how the living conditions (since the earthquake) is affecting their health.

The school nurse, will follow up on giving the students their medicine/cream each day.

While the kids waited in line to see the nurses, Diane made pipe cleaner figures for them. Mallery came up with a "ring flower" which was a big hit.

Mallery (Founder of Haiti Foundation Against Poverty) has a heart for the Haitian kids. She loves to make them smile.

You can provide an education, clothes,food, and medical attention for a Haitian child. 100% of your $30/month goes for your child. For more information, e-mail your name and contact info to: (You can also get more info by going to and clicking on "Projects", then "Sponsor-a-child")

Haiti is having school now to make up for the time lost because of the earthquake.

School girls all lined up with their snack

snack time at the school

These young students sang for Mike before he played for them.

Mike played and shared with some of the classes.

Hope2You (Hope2Haiti) donated the keyboard to the school. Thanks to all who gave to the Hope2Haiti fund.

Getting the PB&J roll-ups ready for kids

Isaac got a hole in his bag, so just a bit of a peanut butter mess 🙂

After we gave all the kids in the school a PB&J roll-up, the extras went to kids from the street.

a little hand reaching for a PB&J roll-up

Parents waiting to register their children in the Haiti Foundation Against Poverty's school

Moms waiting to register their children

Diane & Kathy measured the new students for their uniforms, then gave them "goody bags"

Newly registered 3-year-old enjoys the "Faith Bear" we gave her; Thanks to those who gave so we could take these bears to the Haitian children.

A father giving his newly registered 3-year-old some juice from her "gift bag"

waiting... hoping for something...

Diane & Kathy sorting and organizing contributions for distributing

Diane & Alex bagging rice

people bringing tickets to recieve bag of food and hygiene itemsMike handing out bags of supplies

young family- little boy trying to carry bag of food

distributing food

food distribution 8

Kathy handing out bags (Mike to the side with keyboard- he played "How Great Thou Art" and everyone sang alongHope2You (Hope2Haiti) donated the portable sound system used here for the food distribution. Thanks to everyone who gave to Hope2Haiti Fund!