Gail (US nurse) checking all 140 school kids; and Haitian nurse who will do all the follow-up.

Diane recorded height & weight of each student before sending them to the nurses.

one of the "clown" students making a funny face (Mallery, founder of HFAP, in the background)

Kathy giving out medicine; most of the kids had open sores or worms or skin rashes or bronchitis or a combination of 2 or more.

Student waiting for his check-up with the nurse. Only 5 out the 140 students didn't need any medicine. This is about the opposite of last year. This shows how the living conditions (since the earthquake) is affecting their health.

The school nurse, will follow up on giving the students their medicine/cream each day.

While the kids waited in line to see the nurses, Diane made pipe cleaner figures for them. Mallery came up with a "ring flower" which was a big hit.

Mallery (Founder of Haiti Foundation Against Poverty) has a heart for the Haitian kids. She loves to make them smile.